Financial Services

Tiger Financial is a real estate investment banking firm with offices in Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale
that assists its commercial clients in obtaining all of their debt and equity needs throughout the United
States and selective countries abroad.

Tiger Financial has created a unique, relationship-based corporate structure in which every client is
provided with the one-on-one attention they deserve. Every client of the company has access to our firm’s
entire personnel from top to bottom, with Senior Partners of the firm involved in every transaction.

The turn-key solutions provided by Tiger Financial to its clients include equity finance, mezzanine equity,
bridge loans, acquisition loans and construction loans. In addition, Tiger Financial can also provide such
value-added services to its clients in the residential development arena such as mortgage financing for
their end-buyers through Tiger Mortgage Equities and bulk purchases of residential units through the real
estate fund managed by Tiger Financial called Spread Fund (

The result is a multi-faceted firm that is able to service all of the needs of its commercial clientele under
one umbrella. By making the best use of our combined expertise, sharing information unilaterally
throughout the organization, and having our fee structure based solely on performance, we are able to
accomplish things that other firms cannot for our clients.

We also have an extensive advisory service for the most complex real estate transactions.