Leadership Team

William Tropp

Mr. Tropp serves as Tiger Petro President, and has over thirty years of experience in global finance, project development and engineering.
Prior to founding Tiger Petro, Mr.Tropp was president and Managing Director of Tiger Financial, Inc. With offices in the United States and London. Tiger Financial, Inc., built and financed power plants and refineries in South and Central America, Hotels and Gaming Casinos for International Corporations and the Mojave Indian Tribe. From 2001 through 2007 syndicated financing for over 5 billion dollars internationally for energy and related commercial projects. Tiger Petro has brokered and traded fuel for over 10 years.

Colonel USAF, Retired. Combat pilot Viet Nam 1967-1970. Military Assets Coordinator, Air Force Command: Responsible for the acquisition and budgeting aircraft material requirement and support personnel for combat readiness and operations, worldwide.

BS Mechanical Engineering.. McGill University, Montreal, Canada

MS Engineering Management.. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Patrick Flaherty
Managing Partner / Legal Mandate

F. Patrick Flaherty is a manager member of Future Energy Inc., a company involved in the heavy oil recovery market. He has been in fuel sales for seven years involved in closing multiple transactions both domestically and abroad.

Mr. Flaherty is a senior executive experienced in developing companies and leading them through mergers and acquisitions, strategic planning, sales and marketing. He has been involved in seven startup companies and involved in the structure, financing, and securing major contracts in the hi-tech industry. Mr. Flaherty previously was President and CEO of a computer hardware and software distribution company that focused on telecommunications products. He was also involved with several companies developing communications technologies utilizing internet communications. In 1996, he was on a project team to develop a semi-conductor plant in Armenia. He has been involved in developing a for-profit organic agriculture program using greenhouse and alternative energy technology. Mr. Flaherty held sales and management positions at IBM Corporation, AT&T/Paradyne, and Nortel Corporation.

Todd Swartz
Executive Vice President

Todd Swartz has spent 30 years in the financial industry, Mortgage Banking and property development. He owned and operated his own company for 10 years, growing a 2 man operation in to a national player in the industry, then working with several national firms including Wells Fargo, First Horizon and Bank of Oklahoma. Todd has spent the last several years working with Tiger Petro LTD coordinating fuel transactions, identifying and developing key relationships, setting up a base for shipping logistics and acting as corresponding secretary.

Roy Waalzaam
Director European Affairs / Mandate

Roy Waalzaam has been working in the Petroleum Industry for more than 35 years. Before dedicating himself for the Petroleum Industry he was active in General Commodities all over the Globe. Mr. Waalzaam speaks six foreign languages fluently which enable him to communicate in the native language of prospect customers, who do not master the English language. The languages spoken: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Mr. Waalzaam is also a professionally trained computer engineer for which he had to travel a lot to foreign countries using his language skills. Because of his experience in the Petroleum Industry he was asked to join Tiger Petro Ltd. as a European Director / Mandate to negotiate and transact business on a global basis, attend TTM with partners mostly in Europe.

Steven D. Williams
Corporate Representative

Steven D. Williams has been working in the petroleum commodities industry for over 10 years. During that time, he founded his own company which focuses on the brokering of fuel products to Major and non major firms. His experience in establishing executive relationships, vetting transaction components and people, and fuel transaction negotiations, make him a logical choice for TIGER PETRO. Mr. Williams has held executive sales and management positions in companies such as IBM, XEROX and KELLY IT RESOURCES.

Richard Hamilson
V.P. Operations / Legal Mandate

Richard Hamilton has been in the oil trade for approximately 15 years and has vast amount of experience and contacts, including direct contact with BP Distillates desk. He has worked with Gulf Petroleum Investment International Limited for over 10 years and is still mandate for them, who are part of Al Salam / Salam Holding company.  He has many years experience in sales, Traveled all over Europe, Ghana Africa, Guinea, Turkey heading business meetings and bringing companies together.

Shaun D. Roos
IT Director / U.S. Representative

Shaun Roos has been in web development for the past 17 years.  He has been a web development director over a team of designers and the main IT Director for a few companies including a range hood company and energy drink company. Shaun has been in the fuel business for the past 9 years working with Tiger Petro and is the web developer for and U.S. Representative. He has assisted in setting up key seller relationships and doing DD on new fuel sales offers. He also assists with document preparation, web site updates, email management, etc.